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Recovery by sirdubdub
The peuniltimate shot for an upcoming project documenting the history of the Battletech universe. This time documenting the later Succession Wars era of Lostech and general technological decay.

You can do it, little buddy!
First Succession War by sirdubdub
First Succession War
For an upcoming project documenting the Mechwarrior / Battletech Universe. Hopefully it will be ready by Mechwarrior Online's launch on Steam.

I am a bit of a history nut for the First World War, and couldn't resist drawing visual and allegorical parallels between this fictional conflict and the real one. The death of a prince is the first split fiber of a delicate rope, further frayed by bids for power, bluster, misunderstanding, and paranoia. When the final line snaps, the greatest of human empires crashes into an unprecedented cacophony of violence. War on this scale, and with this intensity, has never been waged before, and the nobility of old recoil in horror at the consequences of their ambitions, now unable to quench the firestorm they have kindled. The wealth of all the great nations burns, along with untold lives as the machines of War and State grind each other into powder. It is the old general's nightmare. The seminal catastrophe for the world as it now stands.
Dire Wolf - Revival by sirdubdub
Dire Wolf - Revival
Taking a crack at the Battletech classic.

The Dire Wolf always seemed to be a bit too refined and "spacey" for my taste. I always wanted to see it as the rabid monster that was described in lore. At the time of its introduction, the Daishi is the biggest, meanest, angriest machine in the universe. An alpha predator. A mountain of screeching rage, tortured actuators, fire and violence. The canine/feline skull cap is meant to mirror and contrast with that of the Atlas, countering the Atlas' looming, indomitable presence with more primal pissed-offedness.

I'd like to imagine that the head section would vary from Clan to Clan as well, reflecting each Clan's totem. Jade Falcon bird-beaks and such...
UNIFY by sirdubdub
A Terran Hegemony Battlemaster and Catapult bringing those pesky periphery states to heel. A great, big, stompy metal heel.

For an upcoming project.


DC Bruins
United States
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Favourite genre of music: instrumental/whatever the hell the Glitch Mob counts as
Favourite style of art: fantasy/sci-fi/animation
Operating System: mac OSX, Windows 7
Favourite cartoon character: Coop from "Megas XLR" or Samurai Jack
Godspeed, you righteous madman.
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